Stockton Borough Council - Campaign to Introduce Recycling Wheely Bins

Mandale and Victoria Residents Group are campaigning for a change in recycling within Stockton Borough Council. At present for us to recycle, we have one blue box for glass, one white bag for plastic and cardboard and one green bag for garden waste. If it is a bigger household, then many would have to have two white bags.

On the day bins are collected, each resident has to take out:
- White Bags full of plastic and cardboard
- Blue box full of glass (including broken glass)
- Green bag of garden waste (if this is garden waste collection day)
- Green wheely bin for all other rubbish

We as a residents group would like to see these replaced with Blue Wheely bins of the same size as the Green Wheely Bins as we think that this is no longer acceptable in today's climate.

The reasons for this are below:

- Elderly and Disabled people struggle with putting the bind, boxes and bags out (they are heavy and bulky and a wheely bin would be safer)
- Broken glass in the blue bin is dangerous and can fall out when moving this, causing roads and pavements to be unsafe and covered with broken glass
- If this is a windy day, then the contents of the white bag blows the rubbish over the streets. The bags themselves even when being emptied are found in the middle of the road making this unsafe for drivers
- Many residents stop recycling when the box or bag are full - we need to recycle more and this doesn't help
- Cats, Dogs and even Foxes do end up in the white bags scrounging for food which can lead to them being hurt by the contents within

Many councils all over the UK use Wheely Bins for their recycling. We have had these blue boxes and white bags for over 9 years now within the Stockton Borough.
- Middlesbrough Council use recycling wheely bins
- Redcar and Cleveland Council use recycling wheely bins
- Hartlepool Council use recycling wheely bins
- North Yorkshire Council are in the process of rolling out recycling wheely bins
- Durham County Council use recycling wheely bins

- We are surrounded by councils that use recycling wheely bins

- Stockton Borough Council are ranked 330 out of 345 councils for recycling in 2017-2018 (Source:

We need to live in the 21st century - we need to push our council to do better. We will update this page with information once we have presented this to our councillors, MP and those responsible within Stockton Borough Council.

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Campaign Timeline:

23/09/2019 - Email sent to our MPs, Leader, Deputy Leader and Mayor of Stockton Borough Council, various committee members and the Tees Valley Mayor.

25/09/2019 - Email has been responded to by the Leader of Stockton Borough Council. You can view the reply HERE

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